Friday, August 19, 2011 - the story so far

Hello, dear reader!

I am very excited to finally be able to start this blog. It means I'll have time to keep you updated on the many things we do here at the studio. Today I'll tell you a bit about the long way to to get to the point we find ourselves now.

No hard work, no real reward
It all started in my decision of what to do for my graduation project in Graphic Design, back in 2007, when I was living in GoiĆ¢nia, Brazil. I was already doing some comic book work, but I would like to try something different, something I could explore my limits, but with the same passion as I did with comics. I chose animation, an art form that demands a lot of hard work, especially if you are alone - and ambicious. Having no resources at all (not even a light table to start wih or colerase pencils, very expensive by then), I had to learn it all by myself and do my best in order to tell the story I wanted. And what a ride it was! After I finished the 3-minute short, I realized I needed more. There was something really rewarding there.
That's when the opportunity of coming to Viborg, Denmark showed itself, and I jumped on it like a bird on its prey. Because I knew that here I could develop my skills as a storyteller, as an artist and as an animator. And as a person. And looking back, these three years have been the most interesting and productive of my life so far. The town is small, there are no distractions, and its inspiring architecture helps keeping the artistic motivation always alive.
Not to speak about the community around The Animation Workshop, one of the best animation schools in Europe. There I met great people, and because of them I feel I'm always at home. We have many common artistic interests and that's very important for a work environment - it's very easy to connect if you have the same passion for your work in common.

The future is bright
One of my goals in life was to finish the first three Light Apprentice animated episodes - it seemed impossible if you knew my background or the situation where I used to live, but I could do it because I had faith in myself, and could work with passionate, skilled people. Now that these are finished (to be released soon - follow me on Twitter to know about it in first hand) and the comic has three issues completed (the fourth to seventh are well under their way), all that was left for us to try out was to make Light Apprentice - The Game. Production started two weeks ago and the characters are looking so good in 3D! More information soon, on this very blog ;)

More to come
This blog is where you will be able to find all information about the productions at Come back often and subscribe to be always updated - there is much more to come. And don't be shy, write us :)

- Igor Noronha
Founder of

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